Well-marbled, making this cut tender, juicy and extremely flavorful, served with fries & grilled mushrooms

Naturally lean, well-flavoured and moderately tender, served with fries & grilled mushrooms

Char-grilled lamb fillets, served with spinach, mashed potatoes, artichoke & rosemart gravy

with mixed leaves, tomato, gherkin, mature cheddar cheese served with fries and burger relish

Chicken escalope in breadcrumbs, served with spaghetti bolognese

Chargrilled lamb, chicken, köfte, halloumi, Turkish sausage & grilled tomatoes, served with basmati rice

Grilled cubes of lamb, chicken and köfte with fresh tomato sauce, served on abed of pitta bread topped with yoghurt & butter sauce

Grilled marinated lamb cubes,served with basmati rice & vegetable

Minced lamb mixed with herbs, served with basmati rice & salad

Pan-fried chicken breast, served with mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables & creamy mushroom sauce

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